Adult Swim Programs

Aqua Adult Basics

Our goal is to increase your comfort level and confidence in the water. You will learn front and back float, front and back glide with a kick, front swim for 10 metres, shallow water entries and exits and deep water activites (assisted).

All of this will be done at your own pace while you work with the instructor to set goals to develop your swimming skills in a relaxed environment.

  • $63.00 Subscriber
  • $92.00 General Public

Aqua Adult Swim Strokes

Swimmers collaborate with instructors by providing input into which strokes they wish to work on. The instructor's goal is to see you achieve yours! They will consult with each participant to set learning goals and priorities. They'll help you develop one or more swimming strokes, working towards proficiency and increased endurance.

Prerequisite: Swim 15m front crawl continuously, swim back crawl 15m and confortable in deep water.

  • $63.00 Subscriber
  • $92 General Public