Aqua Aerobics

1 = Beginner 2 = Intermediate 3 = Advanced

Aqua Aerobics and Super Aqua: (1 – 3)

A fast paced water class filled with choreography using noodles and weights. The class takes place in shallow and deep water, however staying in the shallow end is always an option!

Aqua Bootcamp:

This class is held in the competition pool with mostly shallow water exercises, but also deep end options as well. Be prepared to work hard and have fun in this challenging class, using equipment such as noodles and weights.

Aqua Deep: (1 – 3)

A fun aqua class in the deep end!  Swimming not required! We have weight belts that keep you buoyant while you work out at your own level!

Social Waterfit: (1 – 3)

A low impact and slower paced class. Using noodles and weights, participants are encouraged to work at their own pace.