Land Aerobics

1 = Beginner 2 = Intermediate 3 = Advanced

Ball & Tone: (1 – 3)

A full body workout using a ball! Strength, balance and core will be challenged. All are welcome!

Beginner Step Class (1)

This choreographed class is broken down step by step so that you can learn the basics! This class is a fun cardiovascular workout that can be enjoyed by all fitness levels.

Bender Ball Fusion: (1 – 3)

How many muscles can you work with a little green ball? Come to this class and find out! A full body challenge is waiting! Low impact yet high intensity, this class will work your whole body and challenge your strength!

Body Tone / Pure Strenth: (1 – 3)

Work your muscles in every way possible. This class is designed to build strength, add definition, increase your bone density and decrease your body fat by increasing your lean muscle. No muscle gets neglected in this class.

Bootcamp: (1 – 3)

A bootcamp class that uses equipment and body weight to pack as much bang for your buck as we can fit into one hour! Intervals, strength and cardio bursts that work your whole body while giving multilevel options for every fitness level!

Bosu Blast: (2 – 3)

A full body cardio/strength challenge, this class uses the Bosu ball in a bootcamp type, fun energizing class! Enhance your endurance and strengthen your body in this fast paced, fun workout!

Cardio Kickboxing: (2 – 3)

Experience dynamic kickboxing moves that help you sculpt muscles and burn fat.

Cardio Sculpt: (1 – 3)

This intense cardio workout will leave you breathless. It involves choreography with intensity. The key to the ultimate fat burning workout using aerobic exercises combined with strength training exercises.

Core Yoga & Abs / Living Yoga: (1 – 3)

Designed to improve core strength with the most creative strengthening exercises yoga has to offer.

Gentle Fit: (1)

Intimidated by fitness classes? New to the game? Then this class is for YOU! Gentle cardio with some muscle conditioning, aimed at the beginner and/or older adult will put you at ease while getting your body moving and grooving to great music! Finish it all off with a good long stretch, and you have yourself a great beginner workout!

Power Yoga: (1 – 3)

An athletic yoga class to start your day and your week! Power yoga appeals to those looking for a vigorous workout while also tapping into the calm and soothing quality of a traditional yoga class.

Step Class: (2 – 3)

In the blink of an eye, you will be transported to choreography, rhythm, direction and spins using a step. Come join the fun!

Step & Core: (2 – 3)

Fun choreography, rhythm, direction and spins using a step. Give yourself a great cardio workout while having a blast! A core segment finishes the class.

Step & Tone: (2 – 3)

A little bit of Step, a little strength and this class has your name on it! Time will fly by as you work your body in many different ways, improving strength, stability and cardio while having a blast at the same time!

Strong® by Zumba: (2 – 3)

A revolutionary high-intensity work out led by music to help you make it to your last rep, and maybe even 5 more!

Tabata: (2 – 3)

This is a high intensity, highly effective interval class for the fitness enthusiast! Burn fat, increase metabolism, and see what you’re made of in this challenging and fun class!

Yoga: (1 – 3)

Yoga for all levels! A blend of yin and yang, come ready to experience a relaxing yet fun yoga class!

Yoga Flow: (1 – 3)

All levels of yoga welcome in this class!

Yoga Fusion: (1 –3)

A blend of gentle warm up, yoga flexibility and Pilates-type core strengthening. Mid- intensity work out showing all levels of agility for all levels of ability.

Zumba: (1 – 3)

This flavourful class dishes up a delightful combination of comfortable dance choreography, salsa, and funky Latin groove.

Zumba Tone: (1 – 3)

All the great Zumba moves and music that you know and love with the added bonus of small weights, giving you an upper body tone while you dance to the beat! If you love Zumba, you will love Zumba Tone! All levels welcome!