Recreational Swimming


Frequent Swimmer Pass

10 Senior Swims $43.00
10 Child Swims $50.00
10 Adult Swims $62.00
10 Family Swims $125.00
10 Parent & Tot Swims $62.00

The 11th swim is free with the Frequent Swimmer Pass.

Subscriber Privileges

Includes all recreational swims (open, $3 splash and subscriber).

Subscriber Swim

Those who have subscriptions or day passes are welcome to enjoy this quality entertainment.

†Subscribers can bring guests to any recreational swim for $2.50 per person. (Not available to day pass users.)

Adult Swims

Serene aquatic recreational time. Full use of all our toys, slide, saunas, whirlpool, without waiting in line. 

†Limited to those over the age of 18.

Lane Swimming

For those who wish to swim lengths, only 1 lane is available during classes (c). At other times (*) you have the use of one or more lanes of the competition pool and the whirlpool. The slide and diving board are not available.

†Not recommended for fast paced or competitive swimmers
†Restricted to those over the age of 13.

Parent & Tot Swim

Open to a parent and 2 tots (children under 5). Come and enjoy this special time designed for young children (limited to leisure and tot pools).

Open Swim

Yahoo! A recreational swim for everyone, all at once! (Not recommended for small children).

†Children under the age of 8 MUST be accompanied in the water by an adult 18+.

Family Swims

A swim for families only! All children must be accompanied/supervised by parents participating in the swim. 
To encourage family participation, children must be with a parent in the water during family swim times.

†Children under the age of 8 MUST be accompanied in the water by an adult 18+.

$3 Splash

Everyone pays $3 to swim.

Toonie Swim

Everyone pays $2 to swim.

Day Passes

Day passes are a great way to take advantage of more than one swim in the course of a day and you have the added bonus of using the rest of the complex in other ways!